Welcome to Fold That Story

Welcome to Fold That Story, a creative writing game for students where students can collaboratively write a story without fully understanding the broader context.

If you aren't familiar with a Folding Story, the concept is pretty simple. Imagine you have a piece of paper where you write a paragraph of a story, then you hand it to another person to continue the story. The catch is that you can only read the last paragraph, so you have no idea how the story evolved or where it might be heading.

We've made this whole process work online, students can enter their class group and contribute to stories, all in real time. The teacher can setup how many 'folds' each story has and how long each paragraph can be.

Once a story is completed it can be read by all of the students and even downloaded and printed out.

We've taken some of the best bits of our sister product Backchannel Chat such as:

Focus on giving teachers full control over the tool with tools such as:

    Not collecting any personal information from students.
    Being able to control the display name of students.
    Including a profanity filter for all story content.

We think you'll love what we've done with Fold That Story, we have certainly seen some great stories come to life with our early adopter groups.

So why not give Fold That Story a try, it will help engage students in a creative writing task and help build some class collaboration and lets not forget that its fun.

Posted by Daniel