Introducing our Mobile App

We are pleased to announce that our mobile Fold That Story app is now available for free in the App Store.

This app brings all of the great features of Fold That Story to your mobile device.

Using the app is easy:

1. Students can directly enter a Display Name and a Join Code to join a game. Students don’t need to enter any personal information.

Teachers must provide a join code for a group. Once a student has joined the group, they will be assigned a re-join code that students must use to reconnect with there account at a later date. Teachers can view these codes on the student screen.

Teachers require a Fold That Story account, use the Teacher Login button to open the login screen.

Teachers can either use a Google account to login or they can use their Fold That Story account, which is a combination of email address and password.



Once a teacher has logged in they will be able to view all of the stories that are in progress or completed:


Both teachers and student will have this same view. Tapping on Finished will display all of the finished stories where all story sections can be read.
Active stories are those that students can currently participate in.
The activity feed is a great tool for teachers and students to understand how many stories and sections are being updated and by whom.

Students will only be able to view the create story button if the teacher has allowed students to create new stories for this group.

Tapping on the active story will display the last section and the author name. The story can be continued by entering text into the box and tapping Fold & Pass.

Teachers can always continue a story, but students can only continue a story if someone else updated the last section. A student can’t add more than one section at a time.

The number of characters is limited to 200 by default, but teachers can change this number.

Teachers will have the button in the top right hand corner, this gives advanced editing options for the story.
Teachers will have advanced editing options for each story. They can always view each of the story sections and update them as needed.

Teachers can download PDF versions of the story at anytime.

Teachers can delete the story.

Each story has a setting screen that can be view and changed by teachers. It is activated by tapping the cog button in the top right hand corner on the story list screen.

Teachers can change the maximum number of folds per story, this is helpful if you have larger classes or want to write multiple sections per student.

The maximum number of characters for each story section.

Teachers can allow students to create new stories that will be made available to the rest of the group.

Tapping on the student options screen will display a list of students that have participated in the group.
Teachers can change the display name of a student and also mark them as read only.

Teachers can view the rejoin code for a student here as well.
Fold That Story does its best to remove any nasty profanity.



We’d love to hear your feedback on our app, please feel free to drop us a line.

Posted by Daniel