Folding Story Idea - Who, What, How, Where, When, Why

Here’s an idea for a folding story. First up, make sure you create your class game at Fold That Story. Give it a nice creative title and set the maximum number of folds to 6.

Students should be assigned one of the following topics and they should only read the story when it is their turn. (They can look at the last authored name and see who is ahead of them, once that person has authored they are safe to open the story).

Who – The first student should pick a person’s name, this should be someone that everyone in the classroom should know. It could be someone famous or a student. This person should write a description about the person without giving away direct clues as to who the person is. After this entry the student should fold the story.

What – The next student should be able to read the ‘Who’ line and write a sentence describing what this person does.

How – The following student should attempt to write a sentence that describes how this person does the ‘What’ from the previous sentence.

Where – Next up is the where, this should describe the place where the person does the ‘How’

Why – Lastly why does this person do the things they do?


Once the story is completed, read through the results with the students and see if the sentences are all consistent. No doubt there will be some interesting responses!

Posted by Daniel