Creative writing

Class team building

Exciting and fun

Fold That Story is a creative writing game that gives students a fun and safe environment to work together to produce a story.

Students work together and bond over the stories in a creative way. Each story is unique and the format works well to extract creative thoughts from students.

As each story evolves the students will really enjoy reading the twists and turns.

For Teachers

Fold That Story offers a safe environment for your class to work in. Fold That Story has no distracting advertising, instead we cover costs with a small $15USD fee for our extra features.

We focus on giving teachers full control over what the students can do such as:

  • Full edit capabilities over the story. If you don't like part of a story, you can change or delete it.
  • Removing students - You can remove students from the story at any time and then allow them back once you have addressed the issue with the student.
  • We have a profanity filter just in case.
  • We don't collect any student information. Join codes can be used for student access. Teachers can control what the display name being used by the student is.

For Students

Teachers can create groups and invite students to work together. The finished story can be downloaded in PDF format or viewed on the web.

Get started now for FREE or for $15USD for a year access all of our advanced tools.